Virtual Product Examples

Page 1: Tap a Graphic!

Seven Thunder Software prepares products for 3D viewing online. See example electronics, high tech, pets, ceramics, weapons, architecture, housewares, and more. Projects represent types of interactive merchandise featured in three dimensions. Contact Seven Thunder Software to showcase your company's products.

3D for the Web

Seven Thunder Software designs three dimensional models from photographs, sketches, ideas, and blue prints. Contact Seven Thunder Software for interactive 3D Web design. Learn more about Seven Thunder Software. Now every major mobile device and desktop computer supports three dimensional content, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows and Macintosh PCS. Reach the world with unique interactive online models of your products. Seven Thunder Software designs 3D virtual products from photographs, sketches, ideas, and blue prints.

Interactive 3D Fish

Slide to watch the Butterfly fish rotate and swim. The fish combines beautiful, bright, and realistic coloring, with natural swimming motion.

Interactive Art Gallery

Slide to view the interactive Art gallery. Tap paintings see the painting close up with title, media, and dimensions, and hear each concept (a Scripture verse).


Slide to rotate the flashlight. View light full force when the flashlight faces front. The light dims when the flashlight faces away from the viewport. The flashlight interactive viewer applies a lightweight light map.

Globe Game

The fun, interesting, and educational Globe Game asks players to locate countries by geographic boundaries on the earth. Slide to rotate Earth. Select zoom in and out buttons for better viewing.

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher was modeled from a set of photographs. The low poly model displays a realistic texture prepared with render to texture. Slide left or right to rotate the launcher. Tap at any time to fire a grenade. The grenade launcher applies light maps and a WebGL blend function for explosions.

Red Figure Greek Vase

The imitation red figure greek vase was modeled from a set of photographs. The vase was prepared quickly to test shader highlighting. Notice, as you slide left to right, red figures reflect light interactively.

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