Virtual Product Examples

Page 4: Tap a Graphic!

See a 3D interactive grenade launcher, morphing visual effect, ancient Jewish scroll, Skylab, dodecahedron, and crown of 12 stars. Some Web links include free 3D software development tutorials. Seven Thunder Software creates Web models and 3D online rendering software, not the merchandise itself.

3D for the Web

Seven Thunder Software designs three dimensional models from photographs, sketches, ideas, and blue prints, along with 3D rendering software for the Web.

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher was modeled from a set of photographs. Slide left and right to rotate the launcher. Render to texture with 3ds Max was used to apply one light realistic texture to the launcher. Usually the fewer the textures the quicker the download and faster a model initializes.

Morphing Pyramid

The morphing pyramid transforms from a brick covered pyramid to a colorful cube as you slide over the viewport. The beauty of this WebGL example is optimization! The pyramid and cube use the same single texture with different texels (texture map coordinates). Download is quick with just one texture.

Ancient Scroll

The ancient scroll was modeled from photographs of old Jewish Torahs. However the scroll was mapped to represent the scroll of Revelation chapter 5, with writing on both sides. Slide to rotate the scroll.

3D Skylab

This particular 3D skylab loads very quickly with just one light eight bit (indexed) texture map composed of blocks of color. The highlighted skylab displays a more complex texture map with shader highlights. Rotate the highlighted skylab to see light glancing off shiney metal.


The stellated dodecahedron was prepared from default 3ds Max hedra, translated with a Free 3D Translator App, then mapped with bright colors.


The crown rotates with color animation as you slide over the viewport. WebGL shaders modify color interactively.

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