Interactive Art Gallery

Tap Artwork. See Paintings.

Graphics Display Here

Tap a painting in the 3D gallery! See closeups of each selected painting, with title, medium and dimensions.

Interactive three dimensional architecture, on the Web, offers great opportunities to explain antique and modern architectural features. Provide information on furniture, decor, history, trends and dates.

Art Gallery Preparation

The art gallery was modeled and rendered, with 3ds Max, from a set of photographs of galleries. The model was rendered to cubic view maps, modified with Photoshop, then the texture was applied to the inside of a cube.

Interactive features were prepared with WebGL, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

Architectural Rendering

Interactive architectural rendering, online in 3D, enhances the ability to learn, visualize and understand style, layout, decor and special features; both modern and antique.

Most models are prepared by Seven Thunder Software with 3ds Max, exported with our free 3D Translator app, then mapped to the inside of a cube for fast online display.

Software technologies include JavaScript, WebGL, GLSL shaders, HTML5 and CSS. Graphics applications include 3ds Max and Photoshop. 3D Translator was prepared with Visual Studio C#, UWP (Windows 10) and WPF (Windows 7 on up).

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