3D Rotating Torus

GIF Animation

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Colorful 3D Torus Donut GIF Animation

This simple but attractive application of Photoshop three dimensional features, combined with 3D coding, provides a unique inviting short animation. This animated GIF was prepared from Photoshop, WebGL (GLSL) lighting, and a set of screen captures.

Photoshop 3D features were used to color and paint on the surface of a Photoshop pre-made torus. The torus was output as a Collada DAE file, then translated with Seven Thunder Software's free WebGL Translator for Windows. The translator converts DAE data into arrays for upload to the GPU and display with WebGL.

A set of screen captures from the highlighted, interactive, 3D Torus, along with After Effects and a prepared color table, combined to create the final animated GIF.

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