Free 3D Translator

For Windows Vista Through Windows 10

3D Translator helps bridge the gap between 3D modeling applications and 3D Web development. Use this free app with code from Seven Thunder Software's WebGL books or in your own 3D Web projects. Convert Collada DAE data into WebGL arrays for 3D media online. Learn more.

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Collada DAE files have many features. Currently 3D Translator free versions simply convert texture mapped individual geometry models. 3D Translator doesn't normalize texture coordinates. 3D Translator converts just one mesh at a time with one texture per mesh. 3D Translator works great when meshes are mapped with render to texture. Render all maps and texture attributes to one image file.

Fast Loading

Remember packing all textures into one image file has advantages! Data for the Web page downloads and initializes faster.

3D Translator: Microsoft Store

Download free 3D Translator from the Microsoft Store, for Windows 10.

3D Translator for the Microsoft Store was prepared as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application.

WebGL Translator: Windows Vista on Up

Download free WebGL Translator for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8. As of 9/25/19 both WebGL Translator, for Windows Vista on up, and 3D Translator for Windows 10, include the same features. WebGL Translator won't receive any new features. However in the future, 3D Translator may receive feature updates.

WebGL Translator, for Windows Vista on up, was prepared with Visual Studio with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Translator Privacy Policies

You may read the 3D Translator Privacy Policy. You may read the WebGL Translator Privacy Policy.

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