Free WebGL Translator

For Windows Vista Through Windows 10

Download the free WebGL Translator. Convert Collada DAE data for use with WebGL. WebGL Translator works great with the WebGL e-book series, however use the translator for any WebGL project. See 3D models online, converted with WebGL Translator.


Collada DAE files have many features. Currently WebGL Translator free versions simply convert texture mapped individual geometry models. WebGL Translator doesn't normalize texture coordinates. WebGL Translator converts just one mesh at a time with one texture per mesh. WebGL Translator works great when meshes are mapped with render to texture. Render all maps and texture attributes to one image file. Remember packing all textures into one image file has advantages! Data for the Web page downloads and initializes faster.

WebGL Translator Version Two

The second 3D translator, WebGL Translator, processes the same data as the first version. WebGL Translator version two, fixes a bug in version one. Both applications use Visual Studio with Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). Hopefully soon WebGL Translator will include many more useful Collada DAE 3D features.

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