Memory Cube Game: End Time Prophecy

3D Game of Concentration

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Find Matching Cards

Select the Play button to begin! Find matching cards. Tap the backs of two cards to turn them over. Remember images on the front of each card. Tap two matching cards at a time, to increase your score by 10 points. Tap two unmatched cards and your score decreases by 5 points.

Swipe to spin the cube. Turn interactive spinning on and off. Tap the black background or the Spin:Stop button to toggle spin modes. In Stop mode, the cube doesn't move as you swipe. In Spin mode, swipe to rotate the cube.

Tap buttons labeled Left, Right, Up, and Down, to rotate the cube by 150. Tap the black background to resume spinning.

Scripture from the book of Revelation displays as you play. Hear Bible verses as well. Tap an image on the cube to hear Scripture. Images represent topics from the Apocalypse. See and hear Scripture with end time prophecy from the book of Revelation.

Enjoy this very challenging memorization game in three dimensions. Memory Cube games run on Android, iPhone, and desktop computers with WebGL enabled browsers.

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