3D Torus

Swipe to Rotate the Colorful Torus

Prepared with Photoshop

The torus (donut) displays light, shadow, and shiny highlights. This Web page includes shaders which calculate lighting based on normals uploaded to the GPU for the torus.

The torus was prepared with Photoshop's 3D donut shape. Seven Thunder Software painted colors on the torus then exported the file to Collada DAE format. The 3D DAE Translator converted DAE data for display with WebGL.

Publish 3D on Your Website

360 Marketing includes 3D material designed to make your curriculum clear, brand striking and research coherent.

Seven Thunder Software prepares interactive 3D product viewing for the Web. See immersive 3D visuals currently derived from CAD, photographs, actual merchandise, measurements, and ideas. Display your products on popular mobile devices and desktops in 3D, including Android, iPhone, and Windows. Clients swipe to rotate 3D models, and tap elements for specific information. See 360 marketing for details.

Learn 3D programming for the Web with free WebGL tutorials and the WebGL E-Book Series.


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