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Simple 3D SkyLab

Render to Texture Lighting

Baked lighting displays from render to texture preparation with 3ds Max. See the Highlighted Skylab. Shaders and normals provide lighting, instead of render to texture. See the 3D Skylab Implementation for programming and preparation details.

NASA created the original model. Seven Thunder Software prepared the virtual Skylab for online display.

3D Models for the Web

Now every major mobile device and desktop computer supports interactive online 3D media including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PCs, and Macintosh computers. Consider 3D Web media for interactive learning, marketing, online business, data visualization, architectural rendering, online games, 3D models, mobile games, and interaction design.

Free WebGL Translator App

WebGL Translator provides the link between 3D graphics created by artists and 3D software applications. Download the first few 3D Translator versions free. Most 3D Web Media examples at Seven Thunder Software were modeled with 3ds Max, translated with WebGL Translator, then rendered with WebGL. Seven Thunder Software's 3D Translator Apps were implemented with Visual Studio .NET for Windows Vista through Windows 10.

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