3D Images

3D graphics include architectural rendering, fish, logos, a grenade launcher, Bible, and flashlight, with visual effects. Tap most images to launch interactive or animated versions. See information about the graphics.

Translucent Colorful Logo with Brand

Colorful Logo Tap for Awesome Animation!

3D Bible

3D Bible Tap for Bible Animation!

3D Android in Different Orientations

Android Tablet Tap for Animation!

3D Butterfly Fish

Butterfly Fish Tap for Animation!

Art Studio Right View

Art Studio Left View Tap for Animation!

Art Studio Right View

Art Studio Right View Tap for Interaction!

River in a Landscape

River and VFX Tap the image for Interactive Effects!

Seven Wrapped with Lightning

Seven Symbol Tap for Smoking Animation!

Art Gallery Focal Point

Art Gallery Tap for Interaction!

Firing Grenade Launcher

Grenade Launcher Tap to Fire!

Scroll: 3D Graphic

Historical Scroll Tap for Interaction!

3D Eclipse of the Moon

Lunar Eclipse Tap for Animation!

3D Spy Camera

Spy Camera Gold Waterproof Concept

3D Colorful Bouncing Text

Colorful Bouncing Text Tap the image for Animated GIF!

Information About the Graphics

3ds Max was used to prepare all the 3D models displayed on this Web page. Some examples were rendered with 3ds Max, other examples were rendered with WebGL.

Art Studio

The art studio was modeled and rendered from measurements taken inside a studio apartment. The easle was also modeled from measurements. The Art studio animation walk through loops through a painting.

Eclipse of the Moon

The sun in the lunar eclipse displays with fire and volume light effects. The moon map is animated as well from greys to reds. In reality the earth rotates 27 times more often than the earth. Earth rotates more often, but not 27 times more often, than the moon in the Lunar Eclipse Animation.


The scroll was modeled after photographs of scrolls from ancient Jewish Synagogues.

Art Gallery

The art gallery was modeled and rendered from photographs of various art galleries. The Interactive Art Gallery displays the gallery as you swipe. Tap to select artwork! For selected paintings and graphics, see a description, hear about the concept, and see a close up of the artwork.

Butterfly Fish

The Butterfly fish was modeled and mapped with 3DS Max. The fish was rendered with WebGL. Morph targets provide smooth swimming motion. See the interactive swimming fish.

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher was modeled with 3DS Max from photographs. The volume light effect with noise, and fire effect create fire and smoke. See the interactive grenade launcher.


The Bible image displays two end points prepared for a morphing animation. The Bible animation opens and closes the Bible. The top image shows the Bible closed. The bottom image shows the Bible opened. The picture on the right page of the open Bible is an original oil painting titled Revelation Chapter 22. A displacement map wrinkles pages on the Bible.

3D Spy Camera

Concept gold waterproof spy camera. Modeled and rendered with 3ds Max. Reflective material applied to the camera body. Translucent lens. Sleek, smooth edges. Button edges filled with rubber.

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