Animated Background Scenes

Tap a graphic to load animated environments including shimmering rivers, a lightning storm, Earth's moon, Mars, cartoon backgrounds, and more.

Environment Animation

Seven Thunder Software creates environment animation for the Web from concepts, photographs, blue prints, graphics, or sketches.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes background art was broadcast through Fox Children's Network. Cartoon animation background art was created with Vista Tips which is similar to Photoshop. See Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Animated & Interactive Scenes.

Interactive Software

Most animation examples include interactive versions. Individual animation pages include links to interactive scenes. Some interactive scenes include free tutorials. Interactive software includes JavaScript and HTML5 which tracks horizontally in response to mouse or mobile touch movement.


The lake scene was photographed with an iPhone in panoramic mode. The waterfall background was composed from a set of photographs.

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