Animated Visual Effects

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Incredible assortment of CGI special effects animations. See an animated fireball, whispy tunnel like clouds, textured points, soft bouncing irregular saturated shapes, Earth morphing to a rainbow, and burning digits.

About the Animation

Tap an image to see animation with CGI special effects. A number of animations were generated with code or a combination of code and graphics. When that's the case, the animation Web page links to the original project. The original project often includes a free tutorial.

WebGL 3D Web

Some animation was generated with WebGL features such as interactive 3D models, highlight shaders, blend parameters, points, morphing, animated vertex colors, post processing, displacement maps, stencils, and lightmaps.

HTML5 Features

Some animation was prepared with HTML5 techniques such as sprite sheets, radial gradients, and global composite operations.

Software Applications

Seven Thunder Software's animated special effects were created with a range of software including 3ds Max, After effects, Sound Booth, and Photoshop.


Special effects animation examples focus primarily on the effect for use in tutorials, learning, and inspiration. Have fun and love learning!

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