3D iPhone Game

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iPhone Game Texture Map

Learn about iPhone hardware with the simple 3D iPhone Game. The components represent an iPhone 5. The iPhone isn't an exact representation, but helps players identify ten different parts of the phone. Older, newer, and different screen sizes have slightly different internal configurations. Parts of the iPhone 5 are positioned accurately however resized for easier selection.

This answer sheet for the iPhone Game. Displays names of parts players seek in the iPhone Game. iPhone parts include the batter, main camera, serial number area, speaker module, SIM card with SIM card box, lightning flex, microphone, headset jack, lightning connecter, and washer flex cable.

Create 3D Games

Book Two in the Series, Learn WebGL

The e-book, Create 3D Games, teaches how to make two similar 3D games, with WebGL.

The first game, 3D Globe Game, demonstrates a range of concepts useful for Web developers. Concepts include efficiency, responsive Web design, and optimization. Learn to create the Globe Game where players answer twenty questions to find countries on the globe.

The 3D Biplane Game, displays a biplane aircraft. Find parts on the airplane. The Biplane Game reuses and reinforces concepts explained with the Globe Game. The Biplane Game also demonstrates how to use the book's software to make your own games.

The book's games run on mobile devices and desktops. Devices such as cell phones, mobile phones including Androids, iPhones, and Windows Phones, benefit from optimization techniques discussed in the book. Optimization techniques allow games to download and run quickly.

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