3D iPhone Game

Texture Map

iPhone Game Texture Map

This simple GIF file maps the iPhone for the iPhone Game. Solid areas of color compress better with indexed, eight bit, GIF images. Usually the more compression, the smaller the image file size, the faster the image downloads and game starts playing.

Video Game Designer: Learn 3D Game Programming

Book Two in the Series, 3D Online with WebGL

Make games the easy way! Follow along as we build two simple games. The e-book's coming soon! The e-book, Video Game Designer, teaches how to make two 3D game's with WebGL for the Web. The first learning game, 3D Globe Game, demonstrates a range of concepts useful for Web developers. Concepts include efficiency, responsive Web design, and fast loading games.

The second game, 3D iPhone Game reuses and reinforces concepts explained with the Globe Game. The iPhone Game runs on Androids and iPhones, however players learn what's inside an iPhone. The iPhone Game also demonstrates how readers can easily use the book's software to make their own games.

Games run on mobile devices and desktops. Devices such as cell phones, mobile phones including Androids, iPhones, and Windows Phones, benefit from optimization techniques. Optimization techniques allow games to download and provide fast game play. Optimization allows quick addition of new or different features.

The book explains programming skills which make games with efficient methods. Load one lightweight texture for quick download and initialization, for fun fast games. Upload one mesh and VBO. Book one in the series, WebGL Beginner's Guide explains the basics of meshes, VBOs, and textures.

3D Globe Game

The 3D Globe Game, displays the earth with countries of the world in different colors. However the globe doesn't display country names. 3D Globe Game asks players to find specific countries. Spin the globe. Find and tap on countries. Zoom in and out for details. Globe Game displays a running score and percentage during game play.

The Second 3D Game

The 3D iPhone Game, displays the inside of an iPhone. Players seek components of the iPhone by name. Have fun while improving technical skills.

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