Coding Maze Mirror

Level Six

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Escape the maze with JavaScript solutions. The Coding Maze Mirror game's very challenging. Answer JavaScript questions correctly and the maze escape route highlights with bright violet and pink, one step at a time. Find the shortest path. Tap the Q & A button for your first question. Just start playing or see help for more details.

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Play the Maze Game

  1. Move Forward: Tap toward the top of the maze or press k, on the keyboard.
  2. View Left: Tap toward the bottom left of the maze or press h, on the keyboard.
  3. View Right: Tap toward the bottom right of the maze or press l, on the keyboard.

Tap the top, bottom left and bottom right side of the maze, or the k, h and l keys, to navigate through the maze.

JavaScript Coding Game

Tap the Q & A button! A JavaScript question displays. Answer correctly and the next step in the maze, lights up! Rotate, to view the maze, if you don't see a bright section of the maze. Highlights lead the way out of the maze, as you solve JavaScript problems. Twenty JavaScript questions display in any random order. When you escape, post your score online!


When you escape your score displays as total points and the percent of correct turns.

When the game starts, the shortest path to escape displays below the maze. Every step you take in the maze counts toward your points and displays below the maze. However you can view the maze without losing points. To look left and right, tap the lower left or lower right of the maze

See the final points and percent correct when you escape. The final percent equals 100% if you took the shortest path out of the maze. Your points increase by level. Your points equal the percent multiplied by the level. For example, if your score equals 100% on level four, then your points equal 400.

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