3D Maze

From Collada DAE File

Just One Segment in the Path

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Swipe to view one segment of a maze. A portion of the maze was converted from a Collada DAE file. This example's under development for the first project of the e-book, 3D Mazes: Make Your Own Game.

3D Mazes: Make Your Own Games

The e-book 3D Mazes: Make Your Own Games explains how to make three dimensional online games. Learn WebGL the easy way, with two simple projects, explanation, and code. 3D Mazes: Make Your Own Games covers the following features.

  1. Swipe to view the maze.
  2. Tap to select the next step.
  3. Keep score based on the number of steps the player takes to escape.
  4. Works with WebGL enabled Web browsers on iPhone, Androids, Windows PCs, and Macintosh computers.
  5. Load different mazes with user defined configuration files and textures.
  6. Make your own maze games with different maze paths, textures including floors, and walls.

When the book's published a menu to Amazon e-books, by country, will display here.

The book includes it's own simple game development software. Take the first steps to become a video game developer. Learn easy games to create. Learn to make your own game. Explains how to make a game from start to finish.

Learn to make online games, fun games, addicting games. Enjoy free online maze games prepared for 3D Mazes: Make Your Own Games. Consider creating maze games for kids, free mazes, video games, and labyrinth games.

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