2D & 3D Maze

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Facing Back

Play the maze game in 3D, see how 3D rotation works, in 2D. The same maze renders in either dimension. This maze demonstrates, from above in 2D, how to give players the appearance of movement and rotation in 3D. Tap arrows and buttons under the maze to move through and view the maze. Maze walls are colored and based on the direction they face.

2D Maze

Tap the arrow buttons to move through the maze in two dimensions. The 2D maze demonstrates techniques required for 3D software development. The player's location highlights. In 2D, each tile highlights as you move; your location on the maze turns brighter.

Select buttons labeled Rotate CCW or Rotate CW, to rotate the maze. It might seem odd that the 2D maze revolves around the player's current position. However, that's the goal for 3D maze games.

Assume your player's somewhere inside the maze, in three dimensions, and you want to see around a corner. Rotate the maze, while keeping the player stationary, to view surroundings. Without some careful coding, the maze would revolve around it's origin; the exact X,Y,Z center of the maze. We want the maze to revolve around the player's current coordinates within the maze.

The 2D maze moves and rotates in the opposite direction. For example, if the player wants to move left, move the maze right. The player then sees more of the left side of the maze. Opposite directions demonstrate how to move within the maze, in three dimensions.

Maze from 2D Top View

Maze in 2D Mode

Alternate 3D & 3D

Alternate between 2D and 3D modes. The 2D Reset and 3D Reset buttons, reset your position to the start of the maze, in either a 2D, semi-orthographic top view, or a 3D view point.

3D Game

Tap the 3D Reset button to play in 3D. Tap the Up arrow and rotation buttons to move through the maze in 3D. This game's under development. It needs some work. But you actually can find your way out of this maze in three dimensions! See the maze from the 2D top view.

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