Storforsen Rapids

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The Storforsen is part of the Pite River in Sweden. Storforsen, a rapid in the Pite River in Swedish Norrbottens län is located approximately 24 miles northwest of Älvsbyn. Based on the volume of water flow, the rapids are one of the biggest in Europe. The rapids stretch over a distance of 3 miles in which it drops 269 feet, 197 of which are a single waterfall.

The graphics for this view of the Storforsen rapids were prepared by Emil Persson, aka Humus. The photographer's Web site is The graphics are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Seven Thunder Software modified the graphics for use as one texture applied to a cube mesh. Images were reduced in size, placed together in the standard cross format, and offset.

This scene's part of the upcoming book, 3D Scenes, part of the series, Learn WebGL.

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