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The e-book WebGL Introduction: For Designers and Developers provides a step by step guide to six entry level WebGL projects. Online 3D media begins with WebGL. Now every major device and operating system supports WebGL including iPhone 6, Androids, Windows Phone (8.1 OS), Windows PCs, and Macintosh computers (from OS X Yosemite).

WebGL Introduction: For Designers and Developers explains WebGL basics including how to display a triangle, square, multiple squares, change colors, move, then rotate squares around the X, Y and Z axes. The book discusses WebGL JavaScript API shader methods and properties as required for each project. WebGL Introduction explains how to prepare, compile, and link, two vertex shaders and a simple fragment shader.

WebGL Introduction: For Designers and Developers covers the following six projects.

  1. How to display a triangle.
  2. Learn to display a square plane.
  3. Interactively change colors on a square plane.
  4. Rotate the square.
  5. Animate two intersecting square planes.
  6. Animate, rotate, and dynamically change colors, on multiple square planes.

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