Delicate Blue Glass Vase

Swipe to View Highlghts

Swipe to move the blue glass vase. As the vase moves, highlights glance off the surface. The vase has a delicate thin glass appearance. You can see through the glass.

Highlights or lighting, offer the ability to render many beautiful surrealistic special effects as well as realistic materials such as glass, metal, water, plastic and wood.

3D developers can combine highlights with specially rendered textures (render to texture) for light, shadow, reflectivity, soft material, both creative and real world appearances.

This vase renders with both highlights and alpha transparency. Enable alpha transparency with WebGL blending and gl.blendFunc( gl.SRC_ALPHA, gl.ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); .

Highlights display with WebGL shaders which process normals for lighting. Read the short vase shader highlights tutorial.

3D Models

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