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A crossbow is a weapon based on the bow with an arc shaped assembly mounted on a solid frame. Hold the frame similar to a gun. Crossbows shoot arrows called bolts or quarrels.

The crossbow was modified from an STL (Stereolithography) file prepared for 3D printing, downloaded from 3D Warehouse. Seven Thunder Software optimized the 3D print file for online display with a baked texture, where light and shadow directly color the crossbow. A wood appearance was added to this crossbow. See the metal crossbow were GPU shaders provide light and shadow interactively.

A 3D printed cross bow would require a crossbow string. First print the cross bow. Paint it if you want. Then add the crossbow string.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing creates a three dimensional object with a computer. Most 3D prints originate with a 3D model, digital media, or CAD. A common 3D print file type, called Stereolithography (STL), can be used to create parts, models, patterns, and prototypes. However 3D printers use a variety of technologies to create practically any shape you can imagine.

3D Prints Online

Often STL files require careful modifications, including simplified modeling and texturing techniques, to reduce file size. Reducing file size, decreases download time. Unedited STL files won't display on some mobile devices, due to their large file size.


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