Translucent Star of David

Select and see blend options from the menu.

Swipe to Rotate the Star

Interactively rotate the translucent Star of David implemented with WebGL blend functions. Use WebGL blendFunc() to create beautiful visual effects. Learn how with the free WebGL Blending Tutorial. See more WebGL blend function examples.

The star was modeled with 3ds Max then displayed online with Stage3D and vertex colors. Later the star's data was reformatted for use with this WebGL example. Vertex colors apply color for each vertex on the star.

3D Models

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a 3D model's worth ten thousand words! Consider 3D interactive content for learning, media, and marketing. Seven Thunder Software develops 3D models for Web design, with optimized (fast loading) 3D rendering software, from photographs, blue prints, ideas, and real objects.

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