Light Map on a Cube

Swipe to Spin the Cube

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Interactively rotate a face mapped cube with highlights. Highlights render with a lightmap. Display lighting with a light map and WebGL. Load two maps. One map textures the cube. The other map provides lighting. Swipe to rotate the cube. The light doesn't move. Highlights shine on different areas of the cube as it moves.

Light maps provide a quick and uncomplicated method to display lighting. Simply load a different light map to change the lighting.

The image for the light map was generated with Photoshop's lighting effects filter.

Photoshop menus:
Filter > Render > Lighting Effects > Omni

The image for the texture map was applied to a cube with 3ds Max. Texel coordinates were modified to cover sides of the cube with different colors.

Light Map

Light Map

Texture Map

Texture Map

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