Vertex Colored Square Plane

Translated from a Collada DAE File

Swipe to Rotate the Square

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The plane rotates along the Y axis. JavaScript loads data originating from a Collada DAE file. See the 3ds Max Rendering of the square plane.

Indices, vertices and color channels were extracted from a Collada DAE File. The square plane was translated with the JavaScript.

Vertex colors provide color values per vertex on the square. Models with vertex colors don't need texture maps. There's no need to download a separate image file to use as a texture map. Therefore, depending on the model, vertex colors offer a lightweight method to display 3D elements online.

The plane was translated with JavaScript and has limitations with large file sizes. Download free 3D Translator versions, for Windows, to convert Collada DAE files for use with WebGL. See more JavaScript: Geometric Solids.

Screen Shot from 3DS Max

Square:Screen Shot from 3ds Max

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