WebGL Texture Mipmap Options

Select minification filter options from the mipmap menu. Look at squares in the distance to see the difference between various mipmap options. Distant textures appear rougher or smoother, based on mipmap selections.

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What Does Mipmapping Accomplish?

Mipmapping allows a closer match between screen pixels and texture pixels. Mipmapping reduces texture resolution for better appearance when displaying polygons at a lower resolution. Mipmapped minification reduces artifacts.

LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR produces smoothest results for squares in the background. However LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR also requires more processing resources. The NEAREST option uses the least resources, yet renders with poorer quality too.

Mipmaps are a precalculated texture series, each with progressively lower resolution. Once accomplished, mipmaps may increase rendering speed. The GPU renders lower resolution images for distant polygons and higher resolution images for nearer polygons. There's no need to stretch and shrink images dynamically.

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