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Interactive 3D Web Development

This page lists WebGL projects and 3D models, prepared off of the WebGL series directory. If you don't see what you're seeking here, please search SevenThunderSoftware.com.

3D Models

360 Flashlight Sketchup Model: Pizza Peel Cassini Change Colors: 3D Logo 3D Tablet Screen Swap Crossbow Crown: 12 Stars 3D Stellated Dodecahedron 3D Flashlight 3D Logo: Draku Design Maze 3D Frosted Glass Vase 3D Ancient Scroll Simple 3D Skylab Symbol: Gold Seven Symbol: 3D Translator App: White Symbol: 3D Translator App: Blue 3D Android Tablet 3D Red Figure Greek Vase Calculator Highlighted: 3D Virtual Compass Highlighted: Metal Crossbow Highlighted: Crown Highlighted: 3D Torus Highlighted: Europa Orbiter Component Highlighted: Imagine Blue Logo Highlighted: Imagine Soft Gray Logo Highlighted: Imagine Violet Logo Highlighted: Perpendicular Planes Highlighted: 3D Skylab Highlighted: 3D Lighted Text Highlighted: Blue 3D Vase Tutorial: 3D Compass Implementation Tutorial: 3D Skylab Implementation Tutorial: Vase Shader Highlights Model: Dodecahedron 3D Model Imagine Rainbow Logo


Earth WebGL Glow Effect Earth Surface Temperature WebGL Simple Lighting on a Cube WebGL Simple Lighting on the Earth Point Light: Per Fragment Face Mapped Cube Point Light: Per Vertex Abstract Specular Light Example Plastic Ball WebGL Simple Lighting on a Sphere Tutorial: WebGL Glow Effect Overview Tutorial: WebGL Tutorial: Simple Lighting Tutorial: Point Light Tutorial: Abstract Specular Lighting Tutorial: WebGL Simple Lighting Tutorial Model: 3D Model: Earth & Climate Map Model: WebGL Earth Model & Texture


Fire 3D Grenade Launcher 3D Flashlight and Lighting 3D Compass with Light Plastic Ball 3D Grenade Launcher 3D Earth with Light Map Change Light Maps 3D Light Switches On and Off Projector Light Map Simple Light Map on a Cube Eye over Earth 3D Flashlight and Lighting Cube with Normal Maps Normal Map with Vertex Shader Normal Map with Fragment Shader Normal Map with Light Maps: Light Maps for Earth Maps: Projector Light Maps & Information Maps: Capsules with Normals Maps: WebGL Box Tutorial: Normal Map Short Tutorial Tutorial: Lamp On & Off Tutorial: Projector Light Map Details Tutorial: 3D Lighting Tutorial Tutorial: Plastic Ball Lighting Information Tutorial: Tap to Fire


Tutorial: WebGL Blending Translucent Star of David WebGL Blending: Lake and Flowers Colorful WebGL Blending WebGL Blending: Geometric Shapes WebGL Blending Cube: Studio Blend Textures with WebGL


Horse of Fire VFX Horse of Fire Interactive 3D Horse Earth to Rainbow Transform 3D Morphing Pyramid to Cube Colorful Swimming 3D Fish Maps: Earth to Rainbow Texture Maps Tutorial: Model Optimization Ideas Tutorial: Optimized WebGL Morphing Tutorial:Learn to Morph Source: Horse of Fire WebGL Shader

Collada DAE JavaScript Conversions

Mars Spherical Environment Cube Vertex Colored Cube Vertex Colored Plane Model: Cube ST Model: Cube Vertex Colors Model: Dodecahedron Model: Pyramid Model: Sphere Model: Tetrahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron Octahedron Polyhedron Pyramid Ringwave Tetrahedron


WebGL Framebuffer Cube WebGL Framebuffer Background Colors Change WebGL Framebuffer with Renderbuffer WebGL Framebuffer with Depth Texture Show Depth with Values of Grey Tutorial: Framebuffer Beginner's Guide Source: Framebuffer Beginner's Guide Source Code


WebGL Globe Game Globe Game Answer Sheet Globe Game Texture Map Numbers Game Texture Map WebGL Numbers Game Memory Cube Game: Math Symbols Memory Cube Game: End Time Prophecy


Texture Atlas Animation: Explosion Texture Atlas: Switch Images WebGL Mipmapped Bricks WebGL Texture Mipmap Options WebGL Sub Image from Array WebGL Sub Images Texture Atlas for Two Meshes


Interactive Art Gallery WebGL 3D Art Gallery 3D Art Studio WebGL 3D Church Colorful 3D Riverscape Grid Scene Storforsen Rapids 3D Lake Scene 3D Lighthouse Scene Opportunity's Surroundings 3D Mars WebGL 3D Moon Scene WebGL Space Scene 3D Lightning Storm 3D Landscape River of Life VFX Storm Scene Tutorial: 3D Interactive Landscape Tips


Cloud Travel Source: GLSL Balloon Effect WebGL Shader Balloon Effect Source: GLSL Animated Radiating Colors Animated Radiating Colors Source: Cloud Depth GLSL WebGL Cloud Depth Animation Source: WebGL Color Filter GLSL WebGL Color Filters Source: Cube Color Animation WebGL Cube Color Animation Source: Fade Colors GLSL Fade Colors: WebGL Shader Effect Maps: Animated Fish & Water Shaders Animate Fish and Water Maps: Lighthouse & Cloud Textures WebGL Multiply Lighthouse and Cloud Textures Maps: Multiply Geometric Shapes WebGL Multiply Geometric Shapes Source: Shrinking Octagon GLSL WebGL Shrinking Octagon Source: GLSL Spotlight WebGL Shader Spotlight Source: Zoom In WebGL Shader Lighthouse: WebGL Zoom In Shader WebGL Shader Zoom In Zoom Out Concentric Circles WebGL Tunnel Effect


WebGL Particle Explosion WebGL Face Mapped Points WebGL Simple Round Points WebGL Square Points Tutorial: WebGL Points Source: WebGL Points

Post Process

Cube Blurs with Post Processing Solid Colored Cube with Depth Texture Shading Solid Colored Cube WebGL Post Process: Environment Atmosphere WebGL Post Process: Contrast and Atmosphere WebGL Post Process: Environment Contrast Blur Cubic Environment WebGL Post Process: Background Atmosphere WebGL Post Process: Shading Blur Shapes Tutorial: WebGL Post Processing


WebGL Alpha Stencil Plus Graphics Overlay WebGL Alpha Stencil Semi Transparency Stencil and Blend Free Tool WebGL Framebuffer with Stencil WebGL Stencil Masks a Cube Tutorial: Stencil and Blend


Colorful Grid Springy Interactive Displacement Space Scene WebGL Screen Shot WebGL Feature Test Example Tutorial: Springy Interactive Displacement Tutorial: WebGL Displacement Map Tutorial: WebGL Screen Shot Tutorial: WebGL Feature Test Tutorial: WebGL Select Sprites by Color Source: WebGL Feature Test Source Code WebGL: Select Sprites by Color


Change Textures with WebGL WebGL Square: Cropped Image of a Butterfly Fish WebGL Cropped Lighthouse Photo WebGL Animated Rotating Square Mesh Lighthouse Texture Map WebGL Repeat a Texture: Fish WebGL Repeat a Texture: Lighthouse WebGL Procedural Texture WebGL Tiled Texture WebGL Square Tiled Texture Read Pixel Colors from Procedural Texture Tutorial: Read Pixel Colors


Tutorial: Alpha Transparency WebGL Sprites with Alpha Transparency WebGL Camera

3D Models Online

Inspirational 3D Web examples include visual effects, logos and symbols for brand identity, 3D environments or scenes, and games. Virtual product examples include vases, a flashlight, compass, Android tablet, Skylab, grenade launcher and lamp. Animals include a fish and horse which move as you swipe.

3D modeling prepared with 3ds Max and Photoshop. 3D Web development implemented by Seven Thunder Software with JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL and GLSL shaders.

Many examples link to free tutorials. Learn about 3D programming with WebGL including blending, post processing, light maps, light with shaders, normal maps, morphing and framebuffers.

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