Interactive 3D Horse

Slide Over the Horse!

Slide over the horse and it rears up or down, rotates left or right. Tap the Animate button and the horse rotates automatically. Tap the Play:Stop Music button to hear music.

Seven Thunder Software prepared this horse for fast download and viewing online. Two low poly morph targets and one texture map the horse. Learn to create optimized 3d models for the Web.

3ds Max, Photoshop, WebGL, JavaScript, and HTML5 features were applied to produce the interactive horse. Implementation involved testing with the 3ds Max morpher modifier.

3D Models

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a 3D model's worth ten thousand words! Consider 3D interactive content for learning, media, and marketing. Seven Thunder Software develops 3D models for Web design, with optimized (fast loading) 3D rendering software, from photographs, blue prints, ideas, and real objects.

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