WebGL Animated 3D Scene

Responsive Web Design with CSS3 and Media Queries

Tap the Play Button to View the Animation.

View the background from front to left, back, and right. Tap the background to see one frame at a time.

Seven Thunder Software modeled and rendered the background with 3ds Max. The background was then mapped to a cube and loaded as one texture into WebGL.

3D Environments with Responsive Web Design

See 3D background scenes and WebGL Scenes with responsive Web design. Learn to code with free WebGL tutorials.

Most scenes, at Seven Thunder Software, load with efficient 3D rendering software. For example, display 3D backgrounds with basic shaders, and one texture graphic. Avoid skyboxes, multiple image files, and separate shaders, such as the skybox samplerCube type and textureCube() method. WebGL scenes display with versatile common, sampler2D and texture2D(), features. Render with just one program, for speedy display time.

Examples tested well with WebGL enabled browsers on iPhone, Android phone and tablet, Windows 10, and Windows Phone 8.1.


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