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WebGL Shrinking Octagon

Example for the E-Book Seven Simple Shaders: WebGL Tutorial

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WebGL shaders fill an octagon with a cloud texture. The vertex shader determines color location. The fragment shader prepares color for display.

The animated octagon vertex shader processes circle coordinates from the current vertex coordinates. The Animated Spotlight fragment shader processes circle coordinates from the current texture coordinates. Compare the difference in granularity between the two shaders. The fragment shader processes more often with more detail.

Seven Simple Shaders: WebGL Tutorial

Book Three in the Series Online 3D Media with WebGL

Seven Simple Shaders covers seven unique shaders with working examples. The e-book provides an overview of the shader language. Seven Simple Shaders explains details for each shader.

The projects include Fade Colors, WebGL Cube Color Animation, WebGL Shader Color Filters, Animated Radiating Colors, Lighthouse: WebGL Zoom In Shader, WebGL Multiply Geometric Shapes, and Spotlight on a Texture

  1. Seven Simple Shaders provides useful techniques for education, games, scientific demonstrations, and architectural rendering.
  2. Example projects work with WebGL enabled Web browsers including Windows PCs Internet Explorer 11, iPhone 6, Windows Phone operating system 8.1, current Androids with Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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