WebGL Animated Rotating Square Mesh

Texture Mapped with a Butterfly Fish

Your browser doesn't support canvas.

Tap the Rotate button to play the animation. The plane rotates around the Y axis. Tap the fish to rotate one frame at a time.

WebGL Tutorials and Examples

Learn WebGL with the free online in-depth WebGL book, WebGL Textures & Vertices: Beginner's Guide. See WebGL Downloads to download the free WebGL 3D engine described with WebGL Textures & Vertices: Beginner's Guide, including shaders.

  1. Useful techniques for education, games, data visualization, and architectural rendering.
  2. Works with WebGL enabled Web browsers including Windows PCs, iPhone 6, and current Androids. Most examples also work with Windows Phone operating system 8.1.
  3. Learn computer programming with WebGL, based on OpenGL ES. Free great start to STEM education online.


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