WebGL Camera

Move the Camera with Individual Sprites

Swipe For Floating Paintings

Swipe to move around the art gallery. The camera or view point changes as you swipe. This WebGL example briefly explains how to move the camera with the background and individual sprites. Paintings float and rotate on their own, yet maintain their location within the art gallery.

First move the camera. Provide rotation or translation for the camera matrix. Calculate camera rotation opposite of model rotation. Upload the camera matrix to a uniform for transformations. Render the gallery.

Second rotate sprites. Multiply sprite matrices by the camera matrix. Upload each sprite matrix, then render the sprite painting.

Art Gallery

Seven Thunder Software modeled and rendered the art gallery with 3ds Max. Some of the graphics are original oil paintings.

3D Models Online

If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a 3D model's worth ten thousand words! Consider 3D interactive content for education, media and marketing. Seven Thunder Software develops 3D models for Web design, with optimized (fast loading) 3D rendering software, from photographs, blue prints, ideas and real objects.

If you'd like help with leading edge 3D Web development, modeling or rendering, contact Seven Thunder Software.

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