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Interactive 3D Web Development

Tap paintings in a 3D art gallery. Swipe to rotate, tap to change screens on an Android tablet. Select arrows above or buttons below, for more 3D Web media.

3D Models Online

Inspire, educate and entertain with interactive 3D Web media. Inspirational examples include visual effects, 3D logos and symbols for brand identity, 3D scenes (environments) and games. Virtual product examples include vases, a flashlight, compass, Android tablet, Skylab, grenade launcher and lamp. Animals include a fish and horse which move as you swipe.

3D modeling is prepared with 3ds Max. Textures and mapping's created with Adobe Photoshop and 3ds Max features. 3D Web development is implemented by Seven Thunder Software with JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL and GLSL shaders.

Many examples link to free tutorials. Learn about 3D programming with WebGL including blending, post processing, light maps, light with shaders, normal maps, morphing and framebuffers.

All models were converted for use online with the free 3D Translator.

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