Color for the Web!

Learn to create color animation and color palettes with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Tap a graphic for free examples and tutorials.

Online Color Design

Learn to prepare color for the Web with JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 tutorials. This free list of tutorials includes natural color cycling, brilliant color cycling, CSS3 gradual color animation, how to create a color filter, how to design color palettes, and use hexadecimal colors.

Examples include HTML5 basic code, HTML5 for Web designers, HTML5 canvas tutorials, and HTML5 Web design as well. A wide range of Web & game development tutorials provide helpful hints for both HTML5 developers and beginners.

Tested on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Windows PCs

We tested examples with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows Vista Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, Windows 10 with Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

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