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Seven Simple Shaders includes detailed instruction and links to many interesting WebGL shader examples online. Learn to program WebGL shaders. Harness the power of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).


Anyone can read the PDF free. Unfortunately most current Androids need Kindle for Web links in the book to work. PDF Web links are disabled on most Androids. In other words, while reading, you will not be able to tap shader project screen shots, to see the project online.

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WebGL Shader Projects Online

WebGL's a subset of HTML5. WebGL allows processing of graphic intensive Web pages for games, products, visual effects and more. WebGL shaders harness most of the speed and functionality of WebGL.

WebGL shaders are written in the C programming language, with GLSL. GLSL, an abbreviation for OpenGL Shading Language, which includes features for high speed processing in the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

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