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HTML5 Rotation: Kindle

This short book explains how to use CSS3 and JavaScript together to rotate an image both vertically and horizontally. The first section covers vertical animation. The second section covers horizontal animation. The vertical animation appears to rotate a card 360 degrees around its left edge. The horizontal animation project then builds on information provided in the section about vertical animation. The horizontal animation appears to flip a playing card over. First you see the front of the card, then you see the back of the card.

The entire CSS and JavaScript's included in the book. You can also link to the projects online. Hopefully this book helps you learn a little more about Web development.

HTML5 Color Animation

JavaScript Visual Effect

Learn to create color animation, behind indexed graphics, for fast download time with unique visual effects on the Web. This short book explains the steps to prepare color cycling animation with JavaScript. The JavaScript source code's included. You may also download and use the graphic. Learn some differences between indexed and true color graphics and why indexed graphics may load more quickly for Web users.

Usually indexed graphics have less color range. However with JavaScript animation and HTML5 features, developers and designers can extend the color range, to some extent, of an indexed graphic. This book discusses techniques to prepare animated color for use with JavaScript.

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