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Seven Thunder Software prepares games for learning with graphics for games and education. Contact Seven Thunder Software for game development and amazing graphics.


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Educational Games

Seven Thunder Software creates 2D and 3D games for learning because studies indicate we're more likely to remember emotional events. Often details remain forever etched in our minds after an exciting adventure. For example, we remember some happy experiences for life, yet boring tasks are quickly forgotten.

Games provide excitement which encourages focus, and focus increases memory. Games provide great opportunities to remember those things that matter the most, such as educational content.

Current games include simple 2D and 3D games online, with math, memory, geography, technology and Bible topics.

Windows Apps

Windows math games are under development, prepared for Windows 10 tablets, notebooks and PCs. The free Windows WebGL translator application, prepared for Vista through Windows 10, converts 3D models to work with the WebGL e-book series.

3D Web Media

Interactive online 3D media offers new opportunities to educate, inform, inspire, and sell with games, visual effects, architecture, logos in three dimensions and background scenes.

Seven Thunder Software's three dimensional rendering software runs on WebGL enabled mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows PCs.

Seven Thunder Software prepares 3D interactive Web models from concept to code, with photographs, CAD blueprints, sketches, 3D models, physical objects and ideas.

Pure WebGL

Most examples posted by Seven Thunder Software don't use third party WebGL libraries such as Three.js, Babylon.js, or Unity. Libraries often include unnecessary code, take longer to download, and seldom work across devices. Additionally, some say, fast loading pages rank higher with SEO. In other words, minimized, optimized 3D content's more likely to attract Web visitors.

WebGL is based on OpenGL ES, the most popular programming language for 3D games on mobile devices. Pure WebGL more easily ports to other OpenGL ES software projects such as 3D mobile apps and virtual reality systems like WebVR.


Seven Thunder Software prepares Web development e-books, which sell for Amazon.com Kindle. The current WebGL e-book series, titled Learn WebGL, teaches software development, starting with 3D Programming for Beginners. Books include explanation, diagrams, source code listings, and online projects. Readers may download the graphics, JavaScript, style sheets, and HTML markup as well. Preparation includes online example projects, book illustration, technical writing and Kindle formatting.

Software Development

Seven Thunder Software offers the software engineering services.


Games for learning require quality graphics:

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