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Seven Thunder Software prepares educational games and educational content with 2D and 3D media, including Web, game & 3D e-books, free Web & game development tutorials, interactive creative 3D Web media, and amazing graphics. Windows, Android, and ASP.NET apps for education are under development.

Many projects at SevenThunderSoftware.com combine 3D Web development with 3D graphics and models, such as free WebGL tutorials and creative 3D Web media. 3D modeling's prepared with 3ds Max. 3D programming's implemented with WebGL. WebGL's based on OpenGL ES; the most popular mobile 3D development technology.

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About Educational Games

Seven Thunder Software creates 2D and 3D educational games because studies indicate we're more likely to remember emotional events. Often details remain forever etched in our minds after an exciting adventure. For example, we remember some happy experiences for life, yet boring tasks are quickly forgotten.

Games provide excitement which encourages focus, and focus increases memory. Games provide great opportunities to remember those things that matter the most, such as education.

About Applications for Education

See apps for education and 3D translator applications prepared for Windows Vista through Windows 10. Games for Windows will soon be released to the Window's Store, created with Visual Studio Community 2017, UWP, and ASP.NET 4.7. Apps for Android are under development.

About Web & Game Graphics

Seven Thunder Software prepares amazing graphics, game art, book illustration, logo and symbol design, broadcast illustration, 3D images, animation, digital images, and paintings & traditional media.

Images quickly circumvent the conscious mind, communicating concepts before we analyze the meaning. Graphics express concepts without words. As the saying goes, A picture is worth a thousand words..

If 103 = 1000 (words), then add another dimension and 3D media is worth ten thousand words because 104 = 10,000!

About 3D Web Media

Interactive online 3D content offers new opportunities to present games, products, visual effects, architecture, logos in three dimensions, space scenes and background environments. Seven Thunder Software's three dimensional rendering software runs on current mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Windows PCs, and Macintosh computers.

Seven Thunder Software prepares 3D interactive Web models from concept to code, from photographs, blue prints, sketches, physical objects, and ideas.

Pure WebGL

Most examples posted by Seven Thunder Software minimize the use of third party libraries such as Three.js, Babylon.js, or Unity. Libraries often include unnecessary code, take longer to download, and seldom work across devices. Most pages at Seven Thunder Software test well with WebGL enabled browsers for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Windows PCs.

WebGL is based on OpenGL ES. Pure WebGL more easily ports to other OpenGL ES software projects such as 3D apps and virtual reality systems like WebVR.

About Free Tutorials

Enjoy free Web development tutorials and example projects. Learn to design and develop games and other captivating Web projects. HTML5 provides the most accessible technology for online interactive Web sites, products, and games. SevenThunderSoftware.com articles include visual effects with Amazing Radial Gradients, Free Visual Tools, Color for the Web!, Free HTML5 Animation Tutorials, CSS3, SVG, Free HTML5 Audio Tutorials with JavaScript, WebGL, local storage, XML, DTD, and more.

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