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The e-book, 3D Mazes: Make Games!, explains how to make three dimensional maze games online with WebGL! Learn how to create labyrinth games. Tap an image for fun and learning. Most projects are under development right now.

3D Mazes: Make Games!

The e-book, 3D Mazes: Make Games!, currently under development, includes some interesting online projects now.

3D Mazes: Make Games! explains how to make three dimensional online games. 3D Mazes: Make Games! covers the following features.

  1. Create your own mazes with a grid. Each grid element represents a step in the maze, such as corners, left, right, front and back walls.
  2. Design your own maze games with a texture map. Each game loads an image representing walls and the floor. Change the walls and floor or add unique objects. Consider corn mazes, alleys, bricks, cement and surreal scenes.
  3. Keep score based on the number of steps the player takes to escape. Players with the highest score take the most direct path. Show the final score as a percentage with the player's steps.
  4. Works with WebGL enabled Web browsers on mobile devices including iPhone and Android.
  5. The book will come with all the source code and some prepared games with image maps.

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The book includes it's own game development software. Take the steps to become a video game developer. Learn to make your own games.

Learn to make online games, fun games, addicting games, 3D games. Enjoy free online maze games prepared for 3D Mazes: Make Games!. Consider creating maze games for kids, free mazes, video games, and labyrinth games.


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