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Create an Element Array

The preceding graphic illustrates the first triangle starting at index number 3 which points to vertex (-1.0,-1.0,0.0). The line proceeds from index 3 to index 2. The triangle then ends at vertex 0. You could declare just the first triangle with the following element index array. When rendered, only the bottom left triangle would display.

var aIndices = new Uint16Array([

Listing 3: Element Array for One Triangle

However we also want to display the second triangle. Therefore create an element array with six entries, allowing three entries for each triangle. The following listing declares an element array for the square plane. Notice this example uses the vertices and texels declared for indices 0 and 2 twice.

var aIndices = new Uint16Array([
 // triangle 1
 // triangle 2

Listing 4: Element Array for One Square

WebGL API Cast Uint16Array(Array)

WebGL requires typed arrays. The type Uint16Array represents an array of 16 bit unsigned integers. Acceptable Uint16Array entries include non negative whole numbers which don't exceed sixteen bits of information. That means values range between 0 and 216 - 1. The greatest value equals 65,535. Each array entry represents a whole number, without a decimal point. After initialization, the developer can't change the size of a Uint16Array.

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