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Shader Attributes

Attributes are accessed only within the vertex shader. Attributes represent a subset of data from a buffer, for each execution of the vertex shader. For each drawing operation, the vertex shader runs repeatedly, until every element of data passes through attributes according to specified settings. The developer designates exactly which elements from a buffer must pass through an attribute, for one full drawing operation.

WebGL API method calls upload buffers from JavaScript arrays, for use with attributes. The method vertexAttribPointer() describes the layout and limits of data for individual attributes. Method vertexAttribPointer() instructs the shader how to process a stream of data, which originates from a JavaScript array. The section titled Prepare Buffers explains how to upload JavaScript arrays to WebGL buffers. The section titled WebGL API vertexAttribPointer() demonstrates how to prepare shader attributes, to process buffer data. This section focuses on shader code.

Shader Variable Types

The book's shaders use types vec2, vec4, mat4, and sampler2D. The next few sections discuss each type.

Shader Type vec2

vec2 indicates a vector with 2 floating point numbers. Vectors contain sets of floating point numbers. The number of values in a vector are specified as vec<n> where n represents a number between 2 and 4. The book uses vec2 to process texels.

Developers may access entries in a vector with swizzles. Swizzles include {x,y,z,w}, {r,g,b,a}, or {s,t,r,q} components. For example access the s component of a vec2 named a_tex_coord0 with a_tex_coord0.s.

Shader Type vec4

A vec4 indicates a vector with 4 floating point numbers. The book's vertex shader uses a vec4 to process vertices. The first, second, and third entries in the vec4 process the X, Y, and Z values uploaded from one of the book's arrays. The fourth entry in the vec4 receives the default value 1.0.

Shader Type mat4

A mat4 represents a 4 x 4 matrix. Visualize matrices as tables with rows and columns. A 4 x 4 matrix contains four rows and four columns, with a total of 16 entries. Matrices are useful for transforming vertices. In other words use matrices to move, rotate, or scale a mesh, one vertex at a time. See the section titled 4 x 4 Matrices for more details.

Shader Type sampler2D

A sampler2D points to a texture stored within the GPU. The texture represents pixel colors. Visualize a sampler2D as an image formed from a set of pixels. The sampler2D provides a texture surface for the shader to sample, at specified texture coordinates. The book's fragment shader retrieves colors from the texture based on texels.

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