3D Games with WebGL

The following Web links include two 3D games prepared with WebGL along with their texture maps.

Provide 3D rendering online for games and other 3D media with Web GL.

3D Games with WebGL

The WebGL Globe Game and WebGL Numbers Game demonstrate optimized techniques for online three dimensional educational games.

Devices such as mobile phones benefit from optimization techniques. Techniques include an efficient method to display multiple mesh elements with one vertex buffer object (VBO) and one texture map. There's no need to switch textures or attributes during game play.

Globe Game

The Globe Game, shows a globe mapped with countries of the world. However nations on the globe don't display country names. Globe Game asks players to find specific countries. Spin the globe. Find and tap on countries. Zoom in and out for details. Globe Game displays a running score and percentage during game play.

Numbers Game

The Numbers Game, animates a set of digits and mathematical symbols over water. The Numbers Game presents a series of challenges one at a time. The Numbers Game asks you to form an expression which results in a specific number. Select digits and symbols to create the expression. As soon as you form an expression the next challenge displays. Try to form each expression correctly before the timer runs out.

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