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Hidden Object Bible Game

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Find Hidden Objects!

Find Bible paintings, in an art studio, and hear Scripture verses. Tap to select hidden objects. Slide and tap to find the Seven Golden Bowls, The Holy Spirit, and The River of Life.

This Web game's extended from code presented in the e-book, HTML5 Hidden Object Games. See more interactive views, with some hidden object games.

HTML5 Hidden Object Games

The e-book HTML5 Hidden Object Games: Create Interactive Images explains how to turn graphics into simple games. Enjoy this beginner's guide to game development. Learn to make hidden object games with JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Players slide the mouse or touch point to view the game scene and tap to select hidden objects. The book's currently under review. Please let Seven Thunder Software know if you'd like to read HTML5 Hidden Object Games.

The new revision includes games which keep score, play audio, sound effects, and provide responsive Web design.

  1. HTML5 Hidden Object Games provides useful techniques for education, games, and visualization.
  2. Runs on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones including iPhone, Android, and Windows PCs.
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