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Tap images for free examples with an HTML5 canvas tutorial and source code. Apply color effects within transparent sections of images. Read short descriptions about examples, below.

Android Screen Color Animation Android Color Animation
Android Screen Color Animation Coffee Pot Indexed Animation


Useful infographics explain Web programming concepts with images. Tap most images for online Web development examples with free tutorials. Learn about 360 marketing.


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Android Color Animation

This simple, lightweight, yet beautiful HTML5 color example changes colors on an Android tablet's screen only. The Bright Color Animation example links to the source code and a free tutorial with animated color behind a PNG image, with levels of opacity. The tablet's rendered with 3ds Max, however use any graphic with transparent areas, including GIF, and PNG files.

Coffee Animation

The Animated Coffee:Lightweight Indexed Image example with free tutorial and source code demonstrates an awesome technique to apply visual effects with simple graphics.

Consider using 8 bit (indexed) GIF images, with solid transparent areas and JavaScript color cycling, for vibrant and versatile visual effects. Display the full range of colors, not usually available with indexed files!

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