3D Images

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Tap an image for animation or interactivity! 3D graphics include a crisp architectural rendering, colorful logo, and 3D Bible. See information about the graphics.

Art Gallery Focal Point Art Gallery Tap for Interaction!
3D Bible 3D Bible Swipe to Open & Close

Information About the Graphics

3ds Max was used to prepare 3d models displayed here. Some examples were rendered with 3ds Max, other examples were rendered with WebGL, Flash 3D features, and HTML5 2D features. HTML5 utilizes a sprite sheet to open and close the Bible interactively.

Art Gallery

The art gallery was modeled and rendered from photographs of various art galleries. The Interactive Art Gallery displays the gallery as you swipe. Tap to select artwork! For selected paintings and graphics, see a description, hear about the concept, and see a close up of the artwork.


The Bible image displays two end points prepared for a morphing animation. The Bible animation opens and closes the Bible. The top image shows the Bible closed. The bottom image shows the Bible opened. The picture on the right page of the open Bible is an original oil painting titled Revelation Chapter 22. A displacement map wrinkles pages on the Bible.

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