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3D lamp and 3D Skylab prepared with WebGL lighting techniques. Tap an image for free examples and tutorials! The lamp's prepared with WebGL and an interactive light map. The Skylab's prepared with shader lighting. See 3D WebGL Lighting Information, below.

3D Lamp 3D Lamp Switches On & Off
Skylab 3D Skylab Implementation Tutorial

3D WebGL Lighting Information

3D Light Switches On and Off

The lamp appears to turn on and off with a light map. The lamp's modeled with 3ds Max, then loaded with WebGL. Tap the lamp image above for a free example and information. Select the On and Off buttons. See the Light Map Details button for details about how the lamp example was implemented.

3D Highlighted Skylab

Tap the Skylab graphic for tips used to load the 3D skylab with a small eight bit GIF texture map and shader lightng.

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