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Tap an image! The segmented colorful sphere includes a tutorial. The Butterfly fish swims interactively. Read about the graphics.

Lighting on a Segmented Sphere WebGL Lighting Simple Light Technique
Latticed Butterfly Fish Swimming Interactive Fish Swipe to Swim

3D Graphics

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About the Graphics

The colorful segmented sphere, cube games, and beautiful fish were prepared with 3ds Max. Tap any example to see interactive renderings implemented with JavaScript, HTML5, and WebGL (OpenGL ES). The fish was prepared from photographs. The segmented sphere was a 3ds Max default geometric solid.

Latticed Butterfly Fish

The Butterfly fish is a type of tropical marine fish, similar to Angel fish. Their bright colors make them popular aquarium fish. The Latticed Butterfly fish lives in areas of rich coral growth of lagoons and protected reef flats.

What are Tropical Fish?

Tropical fish are found in tropical areas of the world. Keep tropical fish in warm, temperature controlled aquariums. Tropical marine fish also require salt water. Butterfly fish are a form of salt water fish, requiring great care.


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