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Skylab and Android tablet 3D renderings. Tap images for interactive views! Swipe to rotate the interactive 3D Android Tablet. See the 3D Android animation. Swipe to rotate the interactive 3D Interactive Skylab. See the Skylab animated GIF. Read information about the graphics.

3D Android in Different Orientations Android Tablet Tap Interactive!
Skylabl 3D Skylab Tap for Interaction!

3D Graphics

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Information About the Graphics

Examples of 3D Web development on this page include an Android Tablet and 3D Skylab. The original Skylab model was prepared by NASA and modified by Seven Thunder Software for faster download time. An actual Android was measured and prepared with 3ds Max.

Download 3D models of Geometric Solids prepared for WebGL. Consider 3D models for interactive learning. Students swipe to view the model for better understanding.


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