3D Images

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Tap a graphic! 3D graphics include an art studio architectural rendering, Android tablet, Skylab, and grenade launcher. See information about the graphics.

Art Studio Right View Art Studio Left View Tap for Animation!
Art Studio Right View Art Studio Right View Tap for Interaction!
3D Android in Different Orientations Android Tablet Tap for Animation!
Skylabl 3D Skylab Tap for Interaction!
Firing Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher Tap to Fire!

Information About the Graphics

3D models were prepared with 3ds Max. Some examples were rendered with 3ds Max, other examples were rendered with WebGL.


The Skylab was prepared by NASA. Seven Thunder Software simplified the model for faster download time. The Skylab uses GLSL shaders for lighting, with a simple eight bit graphic as a texture map.

Art Studio

The art studio was modeled and rendered from measurements taken inside a studio apartment. The easle was also modeled from measurements. The Art studio animation walk through loops through a painting.

Grenade Launcher

The grenade launcher was modeled with 3DS Max from photographs. The volume light effect with noise, and fire effect create fire and smoke. See the interactive grenade launcher.

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