3D Images

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Tap an image! Graphics include WebGL stencil with blending and framebuffer renderings. Image links lead to short tutorials. Read about the graphics, below.

Stencil with Blend Options Stencil & Blend WebGL Free Tool
Blend Shapes Framebuffer Background Colors Change

3D Graphics

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About the Graphics

WebGL Stencil with Blending

Tap the Stencil & Blend image to experiment with the interaction between WebGL blending and WebGL stencils. Select various blend options. Horizontal lines stencil parts of the cube. Swipe to rotate and move the cube. Stencils allow you to see through the cube to the desert background. Blend options modify what you see through the stencil.

Framebuffer Background Colors Change

Tap the Framebuffer Background Colors Change image. Swipe to rotate a checkered square as random background colors render first to a framebuffer, then second to the canvas.


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