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Tap an image! 3D graphics include swimming Butterfly fish, flashlight, smoking number seven, and river scene. See information about the graphics.

River in a Landscape River Tap the Interactive!
3D Butterfly Fish Butterfly Fish Tap for Interactive!
3D Flashlight and Lighting Flashlight Tap for Interactive Light Map
Seven Wrapped with Lightning Seven Symbol Tap for Smoking Animation!

Information About the Graphics

3ds Max was used to prepare all the 3D models displayed on this Web page. Some examples were rendered with 3ds Max, other examples were rendered with WebGL.

Smoking Number Seven

The smoking number seven originally rendered with ActionScript blur, ripple, fire effects. See the animated Smoking Rotating Number Seven.

Landscape with Visual Effects

The landscape with visual effects renders with GLSL WebGL shaders for special effects. See the awesome interactive landscape with visual effects representing the River of Life.

Butterfly Fish

The Butterfly fish was modeled and mapped with 3DS Max. The fish was rendered with WebGL. morph targets which provide smooth interactive swimming motion. Swipe over the swimming fish.


The flashlight renders with a light map. GLSL shaders display more light as the flashlight points outward, toward the viewport. Try the interactive 3D flashlight with lighting.

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