Airbrush Art

Airbrushed renderings, on this page, include a technical illustration, young deer, and sign. Read about the airbrushed illustration, below.

Airbrushed Technical Illustration Technical Airbrush on Illustration Board
Airbrushed Deer Deer Airbrush on Illustration Board
Sign on Magnetic Sheet Bicycle Express Airbrush on Magnetic Sheet
Horizon Church Sign Horizon Airbrushed Text

About the Airbrushed Illustration

Deer Fawn

The young deer, airbrushed in pastel colors on 20 x 16", illustration board, was prepared from a photograph taken at Yosemite.

Technical Illustration

The technical illustration was prepared with watercolor and masks using a Paasche dual action airbrush.

Bicycle Express

The Bicyle Express sign was prepared with oil paint and a heavy duty Paasche single action airbrush. The magnetic sheet sticks to vehicles with metal bodies.

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