3D Animation

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Water ripples with music. Walk through a 3D art gallery. An animated painting creates an unusual loop in an art studio.

Animation Information

A number of animations were generated with code or a combination of programming and graphics. When that's the case, the animation Web page usually includes a link to the original project. For example the animated Butterfly Fish page links to an interactive swimming fish. The fish swims as you swipe.

Many animations link to free tutorials. Projects prepared with code and image iprocesssing apps, for example JavaScript, HTML5, and WebGL combined with 3ds Max and Photoshop, often explain how they were created. Combine programming with graphics applications for unique visual effects. Learn to code. Learn to program interactive graphics.

Some animation was created with WebGL features such as interactive 3D models, highlights, blend parameters, points, morphing, animated vertex colors, post processing, displacement maps, stencils, lightmaps, and other stunning visual effects. Some animation was prepared with HTML5 techniques such as sprite sheets, gradients, alpha transparency, and global composite operations.

Software Applications

Most animated sequences were composed with either Photoshop, After Effects, or both. Most 3D models were prepared with 3ds Max, converted with Seven Thunder Software's free WebGL Translator, for online interactive rendering with WebGL. Final animations were often prepared from screen shots of the interactive renderings.


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